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The description of this ship as being a 'Super Cruise Liner' is not an exaggeration.

245 mtrs in length with 11 passenger decks and a max speed of 22.5 knots life on board this stabilised cruiser is as good as any five star resort.

One of the features is the three deck tall Atrium in the centre of the ship. On the lower deck is a spacious 'Plaza' and dance floor flanked by the Passenger Services Department on one side and the 'la Patisserie' on the other. The second level is known as  'The Galleria' and houses the on board shopping area. The upper level of the Atrium is where you will find the fabulous coffee shop called the 'Bacchus Bar'


It is also on this deck you find the elegant 'Waterfront Dining Room'. Eating is a wonderful experience on Pacific Dawn, from the elegance of the 'Waterfront' to the informality of the 'Plantation Restaurant' on the Lido Deck.

In between you have other outlets to dine in such as the 'Salt Grill', and for snacks there is the "Ice Cream Shop" or  'Charlies'. Whatever your food fancies they are available on board this floating resort and you can have meals delivered right to your cabin.

The 'Marquee Show Lounge' at the bow of the liner is a two level theatre providing a wonderful array of entertainment. Live stage productions as well as guest artists flown in for performances, game shows and latest release movies all for your enjoyment at no charge.

Just outside the 'Show lounge' are a library and a well equipped internet cafe.

For those wanting to keep fit there is a well equipped Gymnasium and Fitness Centre and alongside this a Wonderful Beauty Spa with hairdressers, nail technicians, massage therapy, saunas, spas, steam rooms, and all the features one could wish for.

On the top deck is an open air jogging and walking track.

Right up the front at the highest part of the ship is the "Dome', a wonderful area with full length windows and amazing lighting. This is the place for all the night action.

Throughout the day and evening there are activities available all over the liner to cater for all tastes, all listed in your daily on board newspaper

The cabin accommodation is of a high standard with ample room for passengers and these cabins are serviced throughout the day with fresh linen, towels, etc.

The Pacific Dawn is spotlessly maintained around the clock, from the uppermost deck to the lowest areas and everywhere in between. At anytime day or night you will find cleaning and maintenance being carried out constantly.

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